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Our decorative products, PU cornice, PU moulding, PS Frame, PVC panel, PVC ceiling, etc. using advanced molding technology, modern environmental protection, color and durable surface coatings, the products are easy to install, elegant, fashionable features. Construction Products Association by the State Quality Inspection Center in the detection, the indicators have reached the national standard. Set decoration in a number of old products based on the merits, we are more new and innovative, new breakthroughs, continuous improvement of quality of life for the modern efforts to high quality, based on a new way of thinking as the driving force, strive to become the decorative industry the bright star. Website:http://www.cnroyaldecor.com
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PU Cornice, PU Moulding, PVC Panel, PVC Ceiling, Ceiling Rose, PVC Folding Door, Vinyl Siding Panel, PVC Cladding, PS Frame, PVC Form Moulding
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